Some of our Trucks

Please call us to see how we can help with your transport needs. We will advise you on the best vehicle solution for your lifting/transport requirements and our quotes are obligation-free.


Heavy Haulage

  • Extendable Semi Trailers

Extendable Semi Trailers

  • Rear Mounted Crane
Our 8.2m tray with front mounted crane shifting loads all over Brisbane

8.2m tray

  • front mounted crane
  • lifts 1 tonne to 10.2m
Our articulated crane truck with extendable tray

Articulated semi-trailer

  • extends to 19m
We have several new crane trucks available, here are some of our best ones

March 2007

New trucks added to our fleet
These are three of our new trucks!

Other Truck Sizes Available

Trusses, Frames, Steel, Scaffolding

  • Front mounted cranes
  • Rear mounted cranes
  • All terrain fork lifts

More of our crane trucks in action around Brisbane:-

Lifting signs

Using Crane Trucks To Lift Signs

Transporting timber

Crane trucks to transport timber

Transporting steel

Crane trucks to transport steel beams

Transporting stone

Crane trucks to transport stone walls and blocks

We drop off where you request

Crane trucks drop loads off where you want

Transporting oversized loads

Semi trailer crane trucks carrying an oversized load

Extendable Trailers

Semi trailer crane truck with an extended trailer

We work as part of your team

Queensland based Crane Truck Services become part of your team

We become an essential part of your supply chain

Brisbane based Crane Truck Services become part of your supply chain

Negotiating site access issues

Brisbane crane truck negotiating a site access issue