Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We believe that Crane Truck Services Pty Ltd can offer the best service possible to meet customer requirements by our strong focus in the scheduling, co-ordination and dispatch of trucks. Our computerised scheduling systems streamline our customer ordering process, scheduling and tracking of jobs and our quality assurance processes are constantly under review.

We realise that customers are our business. We believe flexibility and our willingness to meet clients’ changing requirements sets us apart from our competitors.

We take pride in our team of staff which is selected through various recruitment processes. All our drivers are experienced and licensed for the vehicles and equipment that they operate and we encourage on-going professional training. We have our own induction training courses and these are regularly reviewed and updated.

All our quality assurance policies and procedures are supported by regular feedback and communication with clients. Feedback is provided through driver logs and incident reports being sent to clients on a regular basis plus we provide the opportunity for clients to return surveys to us.

Please click here to download our Quality Assurance documentation.