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Continuous Training

At Crane Truck Service our commitment to safety, professionalism, and excellence is reflected in our comprehensive training programs for all our drivers. We recognize the critical role that well-trained and skilled drivers play in ensuring the success of our operations and, more importantly, the safety of everyone involved. In this document, we outline the rigorous training requirements and ongoing professional development initiatives undertaken by our drivers. From the foundational prerequisites to specialized courses, we prioritize the continuous enhancement of our team’s capabilities, reinforcing our dedication to delivering top-notch service in the realm of crane truck operations. Explore the details of our training framework, encompassing driver induction courses, workplace health and safety modules, and additional certifications, as we strive to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety in every aspect of our operations.

Driver Training and Certification Standards

All Crane Truck Service drivers have undergone relevant training and hold the following:

  • Driving License (minimum required to drive the class of vehicle provided)
  • “30215QLD Blue Card” (General work place health and safety on a construction site)
  • CV (Vehicle Loading Crane – 10 tonnes or more) operators certificate

Comprehensive Driver Proficiency and Safety Training

The above minimum requirements for our drivers means that they have the:-

  • Ability to drive the class of vehicle provided
  • Understanding of log book requirements for QLD road travel
  • Understanding of the Workplace Health and Safety issues required on construction sites
  • Training and understanding of the issues involved in operating a mounted crane.

We also have our own induction Driver and Workplace Health & Safety Induction training courses and these are regularly reviewed and updated.

Driver Induction Course

CTS’s Driver Induction course provides our drivers with an understanding of:

  • Customer relationship Issues
  • Vehicle and driver equipment standards
  • Vehicle and equipment maintenance standards
  • Securing loads
  • Minimising the risks encountered on a daily basis

The course covers:

  • Vehicle Equipment List
  • Driver Equipment List
  • Vehicle Maintenance Standards
  • Parking
  • Loading
  • Securing Loads
  • Customer Relationship Issues
  • Manners, Attitude & Courtesy
  • Behaviour at customer sites
  • Dress codes
  • Smoking, Alcohol, Lunch breaks
  • Daily Work Related Issues
  • Punctuality
  • Passengers
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Accident Reporting

Drivers may also undergo site specific training if required which may include site induction and/or Health and Safety induction.

Workplace Health and Safety induction course

Our Workplace Health and Safety Induction Course covers:

  • Employer Obligations
  • Employee Obligations
  • Risk Management Procedures (JSA)
  • Hazards and Injuries
  • Emergency Procedures
  • First Aid
  • Manual Lifting and handling of heavy items
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Equipment
  • Attitude
  • Acknowledgement form

Additional Training

While employed by CTS, all drivers are also encouraged to enrol in the following:

  • Medium Rigid (MR) and Heavy Rigid (HR) driving licences
  • Heavy Combination (HC) driving licence which allows them to drive a prime mover and semi-trailer.
  • LF forklift operators ticket
  • Certificate III in Transport and Distribution

This additional training enhances driver skills and capacity and develops their internal knowledge of the company.

Measuring Training Quality

CTS constantly monitors the quality of its employee training. Continual improvement is achieved by our:

  • Staff mentoring programs (such as senior drivers providing assistance by working with junior drivers)
  • Toolbox Meetings
  • Review of major incidents
  • Operations and Team Supervisor being on call 24 hours / 7 days per week
  • Client involvement
    • Incident reports
    • Bi-monthly meeting
      • discuss recommendations
      • review team performance
      • fine tuning
  • Client Feedback survey SERVQUAL